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Roseisle Beach | Best Of Moray


The Moray coast, with its outstanding cliff scenery and excellent beaches in Moray, was ranked 11th on the list of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled coastlines.

The National Geographic Society’s Travel magazine placed the Moray coast ahead of the Antarctic Peninsula, and the shores of Bermuda, in its prestigious sustainable tourism and destination stewardship list.

Whilst never far from civilisation, the coastline has a great wilderness quality. Home to rare plants and abundant bird life, the Moray coast and its beaches provide the best location in Europe for whale and dolphin watching.

The bottlenose dolphins are the largest in the world. In part because of the rich feeding grounds and in part because of the extra thick layer of blubber. Minke whales, basking sharks and orcas can also be spotted in close proximity to the harbour seals, otters and ospreys.

Alongside the wildlife watchers, the beaches in Moray along the Moray Firth coastline are particularly attractive to walkers, cyclists and surfers. If sunbathing on the beach or simply paddling in the sea fit better with your travel plans, then you’re spoilt for choice.

Cullen Beach

Cullen Beach | Best Of Moray

Plenty of space and excellent water quality compliment the attractive sandy beach at Cullen.

The beach stretches west from the harbour, for about a mile, and borders the Cullen golf course. With its distinctive rock formations, the beach is used for swimming, surfing, fishing and sailing. To the east of the beach there are plenty of coastal trails and walks to follow.

There is free parking under the viaduct and plenty of shops in the town centre.

Lossiemouth East Beach

Lossiemouth East Beach | Best Of Moray

A pedestrian bridge provides access to the east beach at Lossiemouth.

The impressive sand dunes at the start of the beach are man-made. Created in the 20th century, the aim was to protect the residents of the Seatown area of Lossiemouth from the elements.

West of the beach is the harbour and town of Lossiemouth with a spectacular yachting  marina, resident fishing fleet and fish market.

Hopeman East Beach  |  beaches in moray

Hopeman Beach | Best Of Moray

The east beach at Hopeman has excellent rockpools and large grassy sand dunes that run in parallel with the beach path.

It is possible to see prehistoric dinosaur footprints along the beach path and at the pavilion. The beach path is bordered by brightly coloured beach huts and leads to large rock formations at the edge of the beach. The rock formations and the small hidden cove beyond were used as a place of worship by druids in the 15th century. Today, the rock formations provide the perfect vantage point to spot dolphins and the wide variety of sea birds.

Roseisle Beach

Roseisle Beach | Best Of Moray

Roseisle beach forms part of Burghead bay and sits between Burghead and Findhorn.

The sandy beach is sheltered by sand dunes and scots pine trees with views across the Moray Firth. Planted in the 1930’s, the woods are a natural haven for wildlife and provide shelter for walks and cycling.

The car park is within easy walking distance of the beach and incorporates toilets, a play area, wildlife hide and a barbeque area.

Findhorn beach | Beaches In Moray

Findhorn Beach | Best Of Moray

The beach at Findhorn extends for 7 miles eastwards from the mouth of Findhorn bay and, when the tide is out, provides a wide expanse of flat sand. To the north of the village, near the marina, there is parking. Access to the beach is a short walk via footpath across the sand dunes.

The unspoilt sandy stretch of shore is located in a nature reserve with access to a wide variety of birds alongside seals and Ospreys. The bay at Findhorn is home to the Royal Findhorn Sailing Club and a major watersports centre.

A caravan park and Heritage Centre are part of the range of facilities in the village including pubs, places to eat and places to stay.

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