MacBeth was born in 1005 and named Mac Bethad mac Findláich. His fictional character, portrayed by Shakespeare, has overshadowed the historical figure. Scotland’s last Gaelic King. 

The fictional character was a tyrant and a murderer. The historical figure encouraged Christianity and imposed law and order in a period of history that was embroiled in the struggle for power. The Dark Ages.

History suggests a more just rule than the account presented by Shakespeare. Time for you to decide.

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Macbeth was born the same year that his grandfather (Malcolm II) became King of Alba.

His father, Finleigh, was the Mormaer (high steward of an ancient Celtic province) of Moray. A province that had reluctantly integrated with Alba. It retained an “independent-minded” perspective and a powerful position within Alba.

Finleigh had previously lost Moray to…..

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