Moray Wildlife

Moray, a beautiful location in Scotland, has an incredible diversity of wildlife that explorers can easily spot. From majestic bird species to rare marine mammals, Moray has it all. The region has a diverse landscape, including mountains, forests, beaches, and heather-covered moorland, which makes it an ideal habitat for different species of animals. Here are some of the magnificent wildlife species that can be found in Moray.


Moray is an excellent destination for birdwatchers as the region has a diverse bird population. Some commonly spotted bird species include North Sea Gannets, Ospreys, Kingfishers, Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, and Red Kites.

Red Deer 

Red Deer are one of the most iconic wildlife species in Scotland. In Moray, you can easily spot herds of Red Deer wandering the moorland or feeding on grasslands. They are most active in the autumn during the rutting season when the stags compete for mating rights. The red deer population in Moray is healthy and well-managed, so visitors can watch them safely from a distance without disturbing them.

Harbour Seals 

Moray is home to a significant population of Harbour Seals that can be seen resting on rocks in the estuary or swimming in the open sea. Harbour seals are intelligent and curious creatures that sometimes follow boats and kayaks. Visitors should maintain a safe distance from resting seals, especially during pupping season, to avoid distressing them.

Bottlenose Dolphins 

The Moray region has one of the largest populations of Bottlenose Dolphins, and they can often be seen leaping out of the water and playing around boats. Dolphin-watching tours are popular in Moray, and visitors can get an up-close encounter with these intelligent and playful creatures.

Pine Martens 

Moray is one of the few places in Scotland where pine martens can be found. These small, elusive creatures are members of the weasel family and can be spotted in woodland areas. Visitors should be quiet and patient if they want to glimpse these shy creatures, as they are most active in the evening.

Moray Wildlife 

In conclusion, Moray is a wildlife paradise, and visitors are guaranteed to encounter some of Scotland’s most magnificent and rarest wildlife species. The region’s diverse landscape and the variety of habitats provide the ideal environment for both land and marine animals. Visitors should respect wildlife and the environment and maintain a safe distance from animals to avoid distressing them.

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