The Romans In Moray

The Roman Empire was known for its expansion and conquest in the ancient world, with its reach extending as far as modern-day Scotland. In particular, the occupation of Moray saw significant activity and influence from the Romans.

The occupation of Moray by Roman forces began in the late 1st century AD, with the construction of the legionary fortress of Inveravon in the early 80s AD. From this base, the Romans established a network of roads and outposts throughout the local area, including the significant fortresses of Elginhaugh and Cawdor.

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Economic Activities

One of the primary reasons for the Romans’ occupation of Moray was their desire to control and exploit the region’s natural resources. The area was rich in timber, essential for building and maintaining Roman fortifications and infrastructure. Moray’s rivers and coasts also provided abundant fish and other seafood supplies, which were a vital part of the Roman diet.

The Romans also traded with the local population in Moray, exchanging goods such as pottery and jewellery for cattle, hides, and other natural resources. This trade helped further to strengthen the Romans’ hold on the region and allowed them to maintain a steady supply of resources for their military operations.

Military Activities

In addition to their economic activities, the Romans in Moray were heavily involved in military actions against the local population. The local tribe known as the Picts were a constant thorn in the side of Roman forces, staging raids and attacks on their fortifications and outposts. The Romans responded with their own military actions, engaging in skirmishes with the Picts on numerous occasions.

Despite their military successes and economic activities in Moray, the Roman occupation of the region was relatively short-lived. By the mid-2nd century AD, the Romans began to withdraw from their fortifications in Moray and other parts of Scotland due to external pressures and internal instability. While their occupation of Moray may have been relatively brief, the influence of the Romans in the region is still apparent in the rich archaeological record that has been left behind.

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