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Craigellachie Bridge is a historic bridge located in Moray. It spans across the River Spey and connects the village of Craigellachie to the small town of Aberlour. The bridge is an iconic landmark and one of the area’s most popular tourist destinations.

The bridge, designed by the famous Scottish engineer Thomas Telford and completed in 1814, is made of stone and has a single arch span of 150 feet. It was initially designed for horse and cart use but was later adapted for motor vehicles.

Craigellachie Bridge holds a significant place in the region’s history. Before its construction, the River Spey was a formidable barrier to travel. The completion of the bridge in 1814 not only eased travel but also sparked economic growth, making it a pivotal point in the region’s development.

Today, Craigellachie Bridge continues to enchant visitors with its stunning views of the River Spey and the idyllic countryside. It’s not just a bridge, but a living piece of Scottish history, recognised as a Category A listed building for its national importance.

One of the Craigellachie Bridge’s most intriguing aspects is its unique design. Telford was known for his innovative engineering approach, and the bridge showcases some of his most distinctive features. The bridge’s arch span is particularly impressive and is considered one of the world’s most extended single-span masonry arches. Its design is a testament to human creativity and ingenuity.

If you plan a trip to Moray, the Craigellachie Bridge is worth visiting. Whether you are interested in history or just looking for a beautiful spot to take some photographs, the bridge is a must-see attraction. So, don’t miss the chance to experience this iconic landmark while visiting Moray.

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