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Elgin Cathedral, also known as the “Lantern of the North,” is one of the most beautiful and important historical buildings in the Moray region of Scotland. It was established in the 13th Century and is located in the heart of Elgin, a cathedral town in Scotland.

The origin of the cathedral can be traced back to 1224 when the Bishop of Moray, Andrew de Moravia, decided to establish a cathedral and dedicate it to the Holy Trinity. However, the present structure of the cathedral was built in the 15th Century, after the first one was burned down in a fire. The construction started in 1224 and was completed in the 16th Century.

The cathedral has undergone several alterations; from the fires that destroyed parts of the original building to the aftermath of the Scottish Reformation in the 16th Century. It was an important religious centre for the church and the monarchs of Scotland. It was used as a place of worship and for spiritual ceremonies.

Elgin Cathedral Has A Rich History

Elgin Cathedral has a rich history and witnessed several significant events. One of the crucial moments in the cathedral’s history was the Battle of Alford. A battle which took place during the Scottish Civil War in 1645. The cathedral was used as a military hospital and shelter for wounded soldiers. It still bears the scars of the conflict to this day.

In the 17th Century, following the Scottish Reformation, the cathedral was abandoned. Many of its ornate features were destroyed or removed. Nevertheless, it remains one of Scotland’s most important historical monuments, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Today, Elgin Cathedral is restored and open to visitors, a testament to Scotland’s rich architectural and cultural history. It serves as an important reminder of the country’s medieval past. Visitors to the cathedral can explore the ruins of the structure, which include the chapter house, the cloister, and the sacristy. The cathedral’s Gothic design, characterized by pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and intricate carvings, makes it a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Scotland.

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