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Walkers Shortbread is one of Scotland’s most iconic brands and has produced world-class shortbread cookies for over a century. Founded in 1898 by Joseph Walker, the company is headquartered in the quaint town of Aberlour in Moray.

Moray, known for its stunning landscapes and fertile soil, is a hub for exceptional agriculture. From its inception, Walkers Shortbread has capitalised on this. Its focus is on sourcing the finest local ingredients, employing traditional baking techniques, and maintaining the highest standards of quality; a clear demonstration of its commitment to authenticity and sustainability.

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Over time, Walkers has broadened its product portfolio to include a variety of baked goods. This includes biscuits, oatcakes, cakes, and confectionaries. Despite this expansion, each product is crafted using the same time-honoured methods. Methods established by Mr. Walker, ensuring a diverse offering without compromising quality.

Despite the global success of Walkers Shortbread, the company remains committed to its roots in Moray. It employs hundreds of workers and contributes significantly to the local economy. Given its dedication to quality and excellence, it’s no surprise that Walkers Shortbread has earned numerous accolades and continues to be a point of pride for the entire Scottish nation.

Today, visitors to Moray can tour the Walkers factory and see firsthand how these delicious treats are made. For those who can’t make it to Scotland, products can be purchased online and shipped nearly anywhere globally.

In conclusion, Walkers Shortbread is an exceptional Scottish brand with a rich history deeply intertwined with the local community of Moray. With its focus on sourcing the finest ingredients, rigid adherence to traditional techniques, and unwavering focus on quality, it is no wonder that Walkers Shortbread has become a beloved institution in Scotland and worldwide.

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