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Welcome to the Best Of Moray Blog, the blog and newsroom for visitors to Moray.

About Us 

Best Of Moray is an independent visitor guide to Moray. It is free from obligation to local or regional tourism boards and tourism providers.

The ‘Best Of’ logo sits proudly in our office. It reminds us not to get distracted with the latest “shiny object”, but rather to focus on what’s really important. More specifically, how best to add value to the Moray visitor experience.

That’s what led us to create the Moray & Speyside – Best Of page on Facebook in 2014. It was a conscious decision to become more engaged in the world of social media and social networking. To spread the word that ‘Now is the time to visit Moray’.

Our Mission | Moray Blog

We want to connect with visitors to Moray…

2014 now seems a distant memory, however, we’re finally in a position to extend the opportunity to connect. The launch of the Best Of Moray Blog and Best Of Moray website.

Whilst we do provide a visitor guide to Moray, our passion and purpose is helping visitors to shape their own experience. A Best Of experience.

In summary, the notion of ‘Best Of’ lies at the heart of our website guide for visitors, and this Moray blog.

Our posts will reflect the same underlying principle.


We welcome your thoughts. Please feel free to contact us, ask a question or make suggestions. 

Our aim is to promote the Best Of Moray visitor experience. And to share the ongoing learning and the fun with you through this Moray blog.  

Thank you for visiting, reading, and contributing.

Let’s start something new! 

Best Of Logo | Visit Moray

An independent guide to Moray life and landscape and the Best Of starting point for visitors to Moray.

Aug 4, 2018 | Visitor Guide Moray